Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, synthetic mink lashes that are glued meticulously one-by-one onto your natural lash (not the skin), using a specially formulated adhesive. Extensions will last 2-4 weeks depending on your lash growth cycle, how you sleep and how well you care for your extensions. On average, our clients book in for re-lash appointments every three weeks.

Natural (40 lashes per eye)

A great way to enhance your natural lashes.  A thinner lash may be used to avoid an over-mascaraed look, while giving you brighter eyes and a fresh new style.

60 minutes | $150

Elegant (60 lashes per eye)

Draw more attention to your eyes by emphasizing the thickness and length of your lashes. Your eyes will look perfectly primped from day to night, without the smudge.

75 minutes | $175

Glam (80 lashes per eye)

Thicker, longer and more dramatic with the perfect curl. This is for all those women who want their lashes to get noticed.

90 minutes | $200

Dramatic (100 lashes per eye)

All the drama of the fullest lash line possible.

105 minutes | $225


Natural Fill     $50           $60            $70
Elegant Fill     $60           $75            $90
Glam Fill        $65           $85            $105
Dramatic Fill   $70           $95            $120

Lash Level Upgrade  | $25 + Fill Price

Removal 30 minutes | $40

The Mascara Alternative

Eyelash extensions are often confused with those knotted clusters of single-use lashes, otherwise known as “party lashes.” Truth be told, there’s really no comparison to an eyelash extension.

If you’re sick and tired of wearing mascara or you’ve been having allergic reactions, lash extensions are your answer for longer, thicker, noticeable lashes.

Not only will extensions cut down on routine time, they are so light to wear and so natural it will look like you were born with gorgeous lashes.

The Eyes Have It

Extensions will open up your eyes with a fresh and feminine look.  This non-invasive technique is pain-free and clients have said they have never felt so at ease during the application – some have even fallen asleep!

Once your eyelash extensions have been applied, you’ll have a hard time looking away from the mirror. With thicker, longer and perfectly curled lashes, everyone will wonder why you look so great, but won’t quite know what’s changed!

At sweetgrassspa we use quality products with a certified lash stylists to ensure our clients have the best results. You will leave with beautiful eyelash extensions that range from natural to dramatic, depending on your taste.