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Total Skin Renewal

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Total Skin Renewal
Fall is the season of transition – it’s when we get back into a routine and start preparing for the winter. It’s also the time to reassess your skincare regime. After the harsh effects of the summer sun and in anticipation for the colder months to come, now is the perfect time to book one of our signature treatments – the Micro-Oxygen Facial – which will help rebalance, recharge and renew your skin.
Micro-Oxygen Infusion Facial
Like a breath of fresh air, the Micro-Oxygen Infusion Facial will refresh your skin from the harsh effects of the summer sun and leave your skin hydrated and glowing. The facial begins with a double cleanse followed by microdermabrasion which is a non-invasive exfoliating treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines, sun-damaged skin and hyperpigmentation (think: sun spots). It also improves overall skin texture, tone and clarity, while restoring the skin’s elasticity. Afterwards, a high concentration of pure oxygen is infused with Vitamin A, B and C to penetrate deep into the epidermis, to repair damaged skin, boost cellular renewal, and restore moisture levels. This is followed by a soothing facial mask, during which you will experience the relaxing effects of a shoulder or scalp massage. The treatment ends with customized facial creams to best suit your skin. Your skin will feel soft, look firmer, and your complexion will be radiant!
Top Five Seasonal Skincare Tips:

Consistency is key
We all love trying new products, and who would turn down a free sample? But remember that products within a specific line are designed to work together. To get the most out of your skincare regime and to avoid any adverse effects, try to stick to one product line. Using a mixture of half-opened products or samples can lead to irritated skin and you’ll never know which product was the culprit.
Purge your products
Speaking of half-used samples, be sure to go through your beauty box and toss out any products that are over 2 years old. Unopened products have an average shelf life of 2 years, while opened products have only 1 year. Expired products not only lose their efficacy, they can also harbour bacteria. Wasteful or not, it isn’t advisable to use anything past its shelf life – chances are it’s spoiled already.
Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!
We’ve all heard it before, but exfoliating is a must. If your skin feels congested, a deep exfoliation will allow your skincare products to penetrate into the dermal layer and work more effectively. A professional peel is the perfect way to kick-start cellular turnover. Our Treatment Facial includes a 30% glycolic acid peel that will gently resurface the skin and bring healthy new cells to the surface which are better able to adapt to the changes in weather.
Transition your moisturizer
Adjust your skincare regime to reflect the seasonal changes. Lower temperatures result in dryer skin which means that light moisturizers may not offer enough hydration. Rather than overworking your body’s natural oils, you can switch to a richer, more nourishing cream. A heavier lotion will also prevent excessive dryness that can cause makeup to look flakey. Although the use of serums is important all year ‘round, your skin is extra needy during a time of seasonal change because it hasn’t had time to acclimatize to the falling temperatures. A moisturizing serum is effective at preventing dryness and is always recommended after a facial peel.
When in doubt: choose Medico
Looking for a skincare line you can feel good about? Formulated by sweetgrass spa and proudly made in Canada, Medico skincare includes medical grade active ingredients without preservatives, parabens or synthetic fragrances – it’s clean, safe and effective. After 10+ years perfecting the science of women’s skincare, Medico has created a new standard in custom formulation. The Medico line is a cruelty-free and eco-friendly option which proves that responsible skincare can deliver professional results!
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