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Keeping It Cool

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Between rising temperatures and packed social schedules, it can be hard to keep your cool during the summer months – and that’s where sweetgrass spa comes in. We have exactly what you need to beat the heat with some of the best spa treatments in the city.
Feeling sluggish from the humid city air? Maybe it’s time for a retreat – a spa retreat, that is. We’ve paired two of your favourite spa treatments into one irresistible summer special, Keeping It Cool. First, recharge your body with a tension melting Swedish Massage and put yourself in the hands of one of our expert RMTs and let them ease away your stress. Next up: treat your feet to a little TLC with our coolest pedicure.

Body Talk – 5 Benefits of Massage Therapy
Massage is heavenly, relaxing, and invigorating. But the benefits go way beyond just skin deep. Massage therapy offers a natural approach to achieving optimal health. Here are five ways that regular massage therapy will provide solutions to your health issues and concerns.

Ease Tense Muscles
Muscle pain is an everyday occurrence, whether it be from an injury, sitting at a desk, or overexertion. Rather than taking an aspirin for short-term pain relief, massage therapy works as a powerful, natural, and long-term solution. The pressure and vibration from massage increases blood flow and circulation causing less inflammation and faster tissue repair. Say goodbye to your aching back, legs, and shoulders faster so you can enjoy the things you love again; pain free.

Improve Your Immune System
Stress can take a toll on your health, so much so that it can literally make you sick. Massage therapy has the power to counteract illness through kneading movements. The pressure of kneading works to ramp up your white blood cell production, which helps fight against infections.

Better Sleep Quality
Do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep, or find that you are constantly tired? Massage therapy works to improve your quality of sleep. Not only do massages help you feel relaxed, they can also increase delta waves. These stimulate the electrical activity in the brain associated with deep REM sleep. A massage can make it easier for you to catch up on some much-needed shut-eye.

More Radiant Skin
Searching for that perfect dewy glow? Look no further. Massage therapy involves steady, rhythmic pressures which create an increase in blood flow and results in an overall more radiant and glowing complexion. It can also help with collagen production to prevent wrinkles and keep you looking fresh-faced.

Fight Against Anxiety and Depression
Massages are a wonderful way to find some relaxation but they also work to reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. A massage will help give your mood a boost.

The Peppermint Pedi
The summer months can leave your feet looking and feeling less than fresh. Bring them back to life with this month’s Peppermint Pedi treatment to soothe your swollen soles and tired toes. This treatment starts with an herbal foot soak followed by nail shaping, cuticle detailing, and callous buffing to get your feet back into shape.

Enjoy the sensation of a refreshing mint and lime exfoliating scrub, a mint-scented foot massage to improve circulation, followed by a cooling peppermint and green tea mask. For the final touch, choose your favourite summer shade for a perfect polish application. This is by far the coolest pedicure in town.

Bonus: Gehwol Gift with Purchase
Sweaty feet are a fact of life in the summertime, but have no fear – Gehwol is here! Gehwol’s diverse product line of foot care essentials will keep your feet looking, feeling – and smelling – their very best. This month, when you book our featured, Keeping It Cool spa package, you will receive a full-sized tube of a Gehwol Foot Cream of your choice. It can be used throughout the day for those “just in case” moments when you find yourself barefoot and need to freshen up your feet. The other added-bonus? This line of foot creams will also help prevent bug bites.
Take the time you need to stay happy, healthy, and energized for the busy month ahead. Contact us to book your appointments and feel the difference a visit to the spa can make. You will also have access to our hydrotherapies, including an ozonated swimming pool, infrared sauna and Jacuzzi. – You can thank yourself later!